About Us

Hello! Welcome to the Definite Media Drive-In! During this unprecedented time during COVID-19, we wanted to make an experience where everyone could still have fun while staying safe. In order to accomplish that we decided to save the drive-in and bring back the custom of drive-in movies!

We are a small family owned business located in Simi Valley California, and we hope that you will come experience the drive-in with us soon!



We love Definite Media and the events they put on for the community. I wanted to take my special needs son to see a movie on a double feature night, but I was unsure if he would last long enough in the car. Well Definite Media took care of us and actually gave us a discount just to be nice! My son & I watched Polar Express from my car together, bringing along all our favorite fast food munchies. ┬áBut his favorite part was when D.M. staff arrived with free hot chocolate during the hot coco scene! He thought we were really in the movie! Huge thanks to Definite Media and to Makenna Coffee, we can’t wait to come back!

-Amanda L.

Great idea during this lockdown! We really enjoy going to the Harley Bowl drive in and have a lot of fun. Scott and the staff are so nice and very helpful! Looking forward to the next round of movies.

-Margie Gallo Melby

“i went to the krampus drive in movie and my family and i had SO MUCH FUN! at check-in, we got bags of complimentary kettle corn, drove thru the christmas display, and were parked. the night had a “saturday surprise!” that ended up being the wind lol but that crew did EVERYTHING to keep the screen up and not cancel! they did it and the movie started right on time. easy to get out after and there wasn’t any kind of traffic. 10/10!”
-Esmeralda Velasquez
The volunteers were fantastic! The evening was safe, fun, and socially distant. My family had a great first night out while supporting a good cause. side note- I’m not a fan of kettle corn, but the free kettle corn was the best I’ve ever had!

-Marshelle Giggles-Mills

One of the best experiences I have had during the pandemic. A true drive-in experience combined with great food options and bonus entertainment prior to the movie beginning. These guys have there systems down to a science…from the ingress, to vehicle placement (all have perfect views to their 50 ft screen), to the sound system, to the food selection and customer service, My family and I can’t wait for the next showing!
-Adam H.