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Harleys Bowl
Simi Valley 

480 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065


 Gates open at 5 pm

Friday 10/16
Friday the 13th

Saturday 10/17
The Blair Witch Project

Sunday 10/18
 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Friday 10/23

Saturday 10/24
Get Out

Sunday 10/25
Nightmare on Elm Street

Thursday 10/29
The Conjuring

Friday 10/30
Almityville Horror

Saturday 10/31

Come out and Enjoy an Incredible

Halloween Themed Drive-in Experience! The Sinaloa Scream Drive-in will be Decorated to Chill Your Bones!

Before the Movie – Live DJ, Lazer Lights, Spooky Fog, and our Scary Staff


Rock and Roll Pizza

Schedule Your VIP Movie Experience

Do you have an organization, or community looking for a safe event? We provide events for schools, churches, community groups, home owner associations and more! Contact us for more information! 818.903.6728

Frequenty Asked Questions

Where are you located ?

Our location changes based upon our “Pop Up” venue. Please see Locations to check
where our next event is being held.

Can I hire your company for a private event?

Yes! The Definite Media would love to bring this fun-filled environment to you! Please
contact us for further information.

Is there food?

We offer Delicious Food and drink items to be pre-ordered and purchased. We strongly encourage patrons to support the local food and vendor providers.

Do I have to stay in my car?

Due to regulations, we encourage patrons to view from inside their vehicles

Do I have to wear a mask?

We follow social distancing rules. Please wear a mask or face cover when traveling outside your vehicle to restrooms, vendors, or to speak with our staff.

How do I listen to the audio?

You will listen through a designated FM station. You will be provided the station information upon arrival.

Where can I park to view?

Vehicles are positioned by our attendants according to size. Taller vehicles such as trucks, vans, and SUV’s will be parked towards the back. We attempt to allow you the space and comfort you need if it does not interfere with another patron’s view. If you wish to view out the back of your hatchback, you must be able to keep your hatchback open no taller than the roof height of your vehicle.

Can I bring my dog?

Due to regulations, pets are not permitted.

How do you sanitize?

Our staff will be cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, and frequently touched surfaces.

How can I contact you?

To inquire about special events or any further questions you may have, contact with our Box Office at 818-903-6728.

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS are given after ticket purchase. Credit will be given and may be used towards another night. 
Credit is given at managers discretion. 


COVID Policy


Important Information

Please do not enter the premises if you are experiencing flu like symptoms or have a fever, a persistent cough, or shortness of breath

CA Covid rules are being applied

Practice social distancing

Please arrive before showtime

No pets allowed

Clean and sanitized restrooms provided

Cars will be arranged by vehicle size and height to obtain optimal viewing for all guests

Tickets must be purchased online in advance

Bring proof of purchase with you